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Kindergarten Starters Education Trust was started on 1st June 2010 with an intake of 2 children. In a span of two years, it has become a leading early childhood centre in Near #41, 1st Main, Jayalakshmipuram, Mysore-570 012 Landmark: First Left From K.D Road (Close to Harish Bakery).
Kindergarten Starters is committed to improve the quality of early childhood education as it is the period during which children’s character building and habits formation occurs. Kindergarten Starters boasts of having qualified, dedicated and passionate teachers in early childhood education. They provide an environment for child’s physical, language, cognitive, social and emotional developments besides identifying and encouraging unique qualities in each child. It is indeed a one stop centre for early childhood education.We Make it Happens,Something Amazing For You Everyday.

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We Make it Happens,Something Amazing For You Everyday.


Our loving and language rich toddler community will meet the needs of growing toddlers (1.5 and 2-years-old). At The Kindergarten School, your toddler will be given opportunities to develop basic motor coordination, independence, and language skills. Our trained and caring Kindergarten teachers will be able to adjust to your toddler's needs as they experience their first contact with other children and learn to participate in a cooperative group.


The Montessori preschool classroom flourishes under the guidance of a Kindergarten teacher in a "prepared environment." During the formative years (between three and six), children easily learn the skills of reading, writing, and arithmetic, which they find fascinating. Activities in the preschool classroom include early language and number work, "practical life" (cooking, manners, personal care...), introduction to cultures and geography, art and music activities, Spanish, botany, and zoology.


The kindergarten year is the culminating year of our preschool program. Kindergarten students continue working each morning on their individual lesson plans, as well as socializing with and mentoring younger classmates. As leaders in the classroom, kindergarteners enjoy privileges that come with being the oldest and most experienced students. In addition, they enjoy field trips, physical education, music, & French.


Our elementary program provides a challenging learning environment designed to stimulate curiosity and support moral, physical, and intellectual development. This warm and exciting educational environment features a hands-on, experiential approach to learning. This enables the student to move from simple to complex tasks, and from concrete to abstract ideas, whether in math, science, language or any other area. The elementary students continue their Spanish and music studies along with physical education. The student leaves the Kindergarten program with the self-concept of a capable learner and contributor, and an optimistic vision of his or her own future.

Address: #41, 1st Main, Jayalakshmipuram, Mysore-570 012 Landmark: First Left From K.D Road (Close to Harish Bakery)
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